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Who are we?


Founded in June 2021, Viridivi is an import / export company of indoor and outdoor potted plants, artificial and semi-artificial plants, but also cut flowers, bouquets and decorative materials.


Based in the Naaldwijk flower market in the Netherlands, our young company is the result of more than 15 years of experience with the best Dutch exporters and many customers (florists, supermarkets, garden centers, GSB). Our strategic position is a major asset in terms of logistics and allows us to be as close as possible to producers. We are reaping the fruits of our work and continuing our development: Viridivi is now a recognized player in the European market, particularly in France and Italy.


Many florists and garden centers trust us day after day, both for our professionalism and for the quality of our products.


As suppliers of plants in the Netherlands, our ambition is to offer you a wide range of quality products at prices in line with those of the market and accessible to the greatest number:


• Indoor plants (green plants, plants flowers, orchids)

• Outdoor plants

• Decorative materials

• Semi-artificial​

• Artificial​

• Artificial foliage • Plant frames • Vertical gardens

• Cut flowers

• bouquets

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Quality and freshness guaranteed

Viridivi is an assortment of around 4000 plants on our online store. We are able to respond to your requests in an appropriate and rapid manner thanks to a network of local and international producers.


Our strength lies in our network, our responsiveness and our requirement: we work without stock and buy from producers only the products we have sold. Result: no more than 48 hours elapse between the time of harvest in the production greenhouses and the installation at our customers.


Quality is our watchword, an aspect of our activity on which we do not wish to make any concessions. The products are rigorously selected from the producers and qualitatively checked in our warehouses before each departure.

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Cut flowers and bouquets

Viridivi offers a wide range of cut flowers and compound bouquets. Cut flowers are more sensitive products to transport than plants in pots and require an irreproachable level of quality. Our flowers are bought to order from producers or on the dial market. Here again, no concession is made on the quality and freshness of the products we choose.


Because our plant products often go hand in hand with decoration, we also offer an assortment of decoration materials.


Thus, you have all the tools to finalize your floral creations and your plant arrangements: ceramics, basketwork, zinc, picks, glitter, foams, gravel, covers, bags, and many other products that will allow you to personalize your presentations.

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Semi-artificial and artificial plants


Viridivi offers you to bring greenery inside your living and working spaces. Many customers trust us to rethink their interior using assemblies of artificial or semi-artificial plants. Individuals opt for plant frames to install in their living room or in their office. Companies, banks, local authorities also ask us to green the workspaces of their employees.


Our artificial and semi-artificial plants come from the company Ila. Specialist in the field, our Italian partner offers creations made by hand by experts. Each assembly (vertical garden, plant framework, potted plants, etc.) is thought out according to the place and the context in which it will be installed.


Semi-artificial plants: more naturalness and less maintenance


This is the product that is attracting more and more customers. The semi-artificial assemblies are based on an authentic and natural trunk from dead plants, to which are grafted leaves, foliage, fruits, flowers and other artificial elements. A good way to give a second life to a trunk.


This type of product makes it possible to green interior spaces in a sustainable way and without the need for too heavy maintenance. By opting for this solution, you are making a long-term investment, a source of well-being and non-binding. Falling leaves, watering or the issue of exposure to light will not be part of your concerns. You have a product requiring very little maintenance and offering a rendering that is both harmonious and natural.


Contact us to ask us for advice and take advantage of a wide choice of plants and tailor-made assortments!


Our philosophy


The current trend is for local plant players to come together to form imposing groups which aim to dominate the market. Viridivi takes the opposite view of this movement and offers its clients the advantages of a structure on a human scale. Listening, we offer them personalized services and advice, as well as tailor-made orders.


Real added value


In addition to the quality of our products, we place great emphasis on the quality of our relationships with our customers. You are at the center of our concerns and everything is done to offer you a service that meets your needs, your constraints and your requirements. The follow-up of your project is ensured from A to Z by a single interlocutor. At any time, he is able to answer your questions, advise you and keep you informed of the progress of your order. You always get the answer to your requests within a maximum of 24 hours.

Our credo: to offer you products of irreproachable quality at a reasonable price, as well as the widest possible assortment of plants. Whatever your requests, our team does everything to assist and satisfy you.

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